“a perfect home” out 2019


Press and Quotes

The Bay of Gordon | The South (2017):

“Led by songwriter Blake J. Tallent, God Bless Relative is a new indie rock outfit based out of Atlanta that crafts sturdy, hooky songs with a decidedly southern bent… Tallent treads across this space with confidence, like he’s ready to claim it for his own.” - Immersive Atlanta (2017)

“ Musically, God Bless Relative hearkens to an early Oasis with and Alt-Country twinge. For the listener, it’s as much fun matching Tallent’s melodies, word-for-word, as it is hitting each ooh and every ahh.” - PC Living (2017)

You Will Receive Favour | I Will Return (2018):

“The Nashville-based band follows up from The Bay of Gordon | The South EP, with new music inspired by the events of 2017. Captured in Chicago and tracked live to tape, their latest project takes listeners on an authentic journey; diving into some captivating lyrics and matching it with a dreamy alternative pop vibe.” - AXS (2018)

“Nashville-via-Atlanta outfit God Bless Relative is here with “Our Conversation On July 7th” — the second single from their upcoming second album You Will Receive Favour | I Will Return. It’s a charming indie folk-pop drive to a coastal destination with a gorgeous hazy twang that recalls Band of Horses and City and Colour.” - The Big Takeover (2018)

“There is something about this album that really lends itself well into all sorts of listening. Whether it be laying on the floor of a dark apartment or even just basking on a lovely and languid afternoon, ‘You Will Receive Favour | I Will Return” will certainly give you what you need to enjoy each and every moment of that time spent.” - Swept (2018)